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Professional Services

Our team offers professional development workshops to support diversity & inclusion, and the careers of underrepresented students in STEM. We are contracted for interactive workshops at universities, research and educational institutions. Click here for a full list of workshops that we have offered in the past.


Making STEM accessible to everyone is our priority. However, it is important to us that we ensure that our team members (graduate students and recent PhD graduates) and dedicated volunteers to STEM outreach are properly compensated for their time in developing workshops. Thus, we cannot participate in unpaid professional services. 


Co-Founder Dr. Robert W. Fernandez speaking at Quinnipiac University.


Co-Founders Dr. Robert W. Fernandez, Olivia Goldman, and senior team member Dr. Carlos Rico speaking at the CUNY Mexican Studies Institute.

Previous partners include Yale University, The Rockefeller University (BioAcCES Undergraduate Conference), Mexican Institutes at CUNY, Si Se Puede Foundation (STEM Conference), The American National History Museum (Professional Day), Quinnipiac University, and others.



We can help spread the word of your professional opportunity to our network!

We have collectively over 15,000 followers on social media and via our newsletter. Visit our job board if you are interested in promoting an opportunity on our job board and newsletter. For additional questions, you can reach us at We look forward to working with you.


We offer several different workshops are designed for different audiences, including undergraduate students (4-year colleges and/or community-college students), high school students, professional development or diversity & inclusion workshops for pre-/post-doctoral trainees and faculty at seminars or conferences. Examples include:

  • Imposter Syndrome Workshop (Graduate students)

Empowers and creates a space for underrepresented graduate students to discuss their experiences in academia and strategies on how to navigate imposter syndrome.

  • DEI initiatives Workshop (Graduate students & Faculty)

Discuss strategies to make academia more inclusive for underrepresented students through brainstorming DEI initiatives (as well as program logistics) that could be impactful at your institution.

  • Applying to Graduate School and Writing a Strong Personal Statement

What a Ph.D. program in the sciences consists of, how to apply for a graduate program, a timeline on the graduate school application process, and how to build a strong application. 

  • Applying to Post-bac/NIH-PREP Programs in the Biosciences 

What post-bac programs consist of, how to apply for post-bac programs, a timeline of the post-bac application process, and how to build a strong application. 

  • Applying to Summer Research Programs (Undergraduate)

How to apply for summer  research programs, a timeline of the summer research program application process, how to build a strong application, and dissecting successful summer research program applications.

  • Preparing for a STEM Career at the College Level (Undergraduate)

This workshop focuses on making the most of your college academic journey to prepare for a career in the sciences. Our attendees will learn about the importance of research experience, undergraduate and graduate school funding resources, discover summer research programs and graduate school campus visits, and post-graduate research opportunities. 

  • Custom Workshop

We design custom workshops tailored to yours and your audience's needs. If your topic of interest is not listed above, please reach out.

Our professional development workshops are tailored to be 1.5 hours in duration. If you are interested in contracting Científico Latino Team members to provide these workshops, please reach out to with your inquiry

If your topic of interest is not listed above, reach out to us so we can discuss further. 

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