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Consulting Preparation Program

All academic scientists should be aware of job opportunities outside of academia and be able to access information about the pipeline to securing the best job opportunities that they can in alternative sectors.  For this reason, Científico Latino Consulting Preparation Program (CPP) offers practical guidance to help STEM grad students or postdocs, particularly for those from underrepresented backgrounds, pursue jobs in consulting.

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How to participate

What is this program and what is the purpose? 

The Científico Latino Consulting Preparation Program (CPP) aims to help STEM graduate students and postdocs who are exploring career options outside of academia and support those pursuing jobs in consulting. CPP is in it's second year and comes out of Científico Latino's experience with mentoring and community-building programs.

What can you expect?

In Phase 1, we will provide background on what is consulting, have panel style discussions with current consultants, and introduce the preparation that is required to get a job in consulting.
In Phase 2, we will work with a small group of students and provide hands-on support with resumes, cover letters, and interview preparation for those that are actively pursuing jobs.

Who is a good fit?
  • Phase 1 (November 2023)

All PhD students or postdocs who are considering jobs in consulting or biotech

  • Phase 2 (December 2023 → July 2024)

5th/6th PhD students and postdocs who are planning to interview for consulting jobs in early or middle of 2024 and aim to start working in late 2024 or 2025.

How do you attend / apply?
  • Phase 1:  Follow our newsletter to be on the look out for a sign up for CPP. We will send out a zoom link for the information sessions via email

  • Phase 2: After phase 1, we will immediately send out an additional survey. ~10 students will be selected and notified in early December 2023. Selection criteria are described above. 


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