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GSMI 2020 (Page Archive)

In spring 2019, we piloted our Graduate School Mentorship Initiative (GSMI) program with the mission to help underrepresented graduate school applicants by pairing them with STEM professionals in their respective STEM disciplines.  We provided our applicants with graduate school preparation material, one-on-one guidance from a mentor in their STEM field, access to webinars, and mock interviews.


Our pilot initiative helped 77 students (90% of our 2019-20 cohort) matriculate into STEM graduate school programs, including Master's and PhD programs. ​​Our applicants were accepted to graduate programs in Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering, Astronomy, Biomedical Engineering, Cell & Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Neuroscience, Oceanography, Physics, Psychology at several universities throughout the U.S. and some abroad!

Demographic information on our 2019-20 GSMI students

  • 56% were Latinx, 19% were Black, 15% were Asian or Pacific Islander!

  • 77% of our applicants were female! 
  • 56% applicants were first-generation (first-gen) college students!

  • 22% started off at community colleges!

STEM Graduate School Applicants

  • Underrepresented students applying to STEM Master's and PhD programs this Fall 2020

    • We welcome applications from underrepresented students which includes ethnicity, gender, first-generation, child of immigrants, disabilities, sexual/gender identity, low-income background, etc.

    • ​​College senior, post-graduate student, post-baccalaureate students, other applicants in post-Bachelor's positions including those working as research assistants/technician, etc.

    • If you are not applying to graduate school this Fall 2021, you are not eligible. However, you will have access to the GSMI 2020 Webinars.

  • All STEM fields are eligible, which include: AstronomyBiochemistryEnvironmental ScienceMathematics,    Molecular and Cellular Biology, NeuroscienceOceanographyPharmacologyPhysics, Psychology, Public Health… and many more!

    • Social & Behavioral sciences: We acknowledge that economics, sociology and political sciences are important members of the STEM family. Unfortunately, we cannot support these disciplines this year, but we hope to in the future!

  • Unfortunately, the following students are not eligible: 

    • Students applying to Post-bacs (PREP), PA, MD, MD/PhD, PharmD, Non-STEM PhD programs ​​

    • Students seeking support on fellowship applications that not currently applying to PhD programs

  • Sign-ups for GSMI 2020 are now closed. If you will be applying for graduate school in Fall 2021, subscribe to our mailing list to be notified when sign ups open next summer!

STEM Mentors


  • Commitment to help a GSMI Applicant during their graduate school application process 

  • Provide feedback on graduate school applications (personal statement and CV) 

  • Regular email correspondence with our GSMI Applicants

  • STEM professionals including PhD students, PhD candidates, post-doctoral fellows, Faculty, post-PhDs in industry and other non-academic positions

  • All STEM fields eligible (see above for included disciplines)

  • Unfortunately due to an amazing response from the scientific community, mentor sign ups for GSMI 2020 are closed. If you are interested in helping out, please check out other options hereIf you might be interested in being a mentor for next year's program, join our mailing list to be notified of when sign ups open next summer!!

Program Timeline

Scholars (Graduate School Applicants)




Please contact us here or at if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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