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Support the efforts of Cientifico Latino, Inc. by donating today!

Our Mission

Cientifico Latino, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that aims to promote an environment of inclusivity in STEM and increase the number of scientists from minoritized backgrounds in higher education in the sciences through mentorship, open-access resources, and professional development opportunities.


Where your donation goes

Your donation will help our work in supporting the next generation of STEM professionals from minoritized communities​. Cientifico Latino believes in the transparency of your donations and these are the ways that your donation can help us: 

1. Programming

Cientifico Latino, Inc. has launched three mentorship programs that focus on recruitment (GSMI), retention (GSEC), and career advancement (CPP). In the future, we hope to expand the cohort size of our GSMI and GSEC programs, establish emergency funds to cover graduate school related expenses, and launch new programs that focus on career advancement. Your donation will be helpful in scaling up our programming, make a difference in the live of a student in our cohort who can’t afford application costs or graduate school expenses in their first year of graduate school, or help us start new programming. 

2. Spreading awareness

Since 2017, Científico Latino, Inc. has generated a large amount of resources and launched national programs to support aspiring STEM professionals and thus we have helped over 750 students. In order to expand our reach to students at Minority-Serving Institutions, we need to start going to national conferences and colleges to spread word of our mission. Your donation will help us cover registration and housing/travel costs so our Cientifico Latino, Inc. team can present at conferences focused on helping minoritized communities.

3. Scholarship 

In the future, we hope to launch a Cientifico Latino, Inc. scholarship that can help students in a critical time in their graduate school education. We hope to raise funds so this scholarship can be used towards tuition, room and board,professional development courses, academic conference registration, and school supplies (laptops, textbooks). Your donation can help minoritized students while they navigate early years of their scientific career to give them financial support while they are trained to be a scientist.

4. Nonprofit expenses

Cientifico Latino, Inc. was incorporated in December 2023, as a new 501(c)3 nonprofit, there are critical expenses that we need to cover to run our programming effectively which include accounting, insurance, salary for team members, and overhead costs. 

We are grateful for any amount of donation that you can extend to us!

Thank you for your interest in supporting Cientifico Latino, Inc.!
Individual donations to our 501(c)(3) organization are tax-deductible.

By donating to Cientifico Latino, Inc. you agree to the Donor Agreement. Please read before donating - thank you!

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