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Graduate Student Engagement and Community (GSEC) Program

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Logo Design by Gerardo Sandoval

Cientifico Latino’s Graduate Student Mentorship Initiative (GSMI) mentored a diverse community of young scientists through the graduate school application and interview process to get them into graduate school!

Now, CL’s Graduate Student Engagement and Community (GSEC) Program focuses on the next chapter: supporting GSMI scholars and all diverse grad students as they navigate their first year in graduate school.

We are seeking new GSEC leadership team members!!
Click here for more information & instructions on how to apply.

Program Benefits


GSEC Class 2021-2022 Demographics

We served 101 mentes from many different backgrounds with the help of 50 mentors in 2021-2022.

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Previous Grad school 101 Workshops

Follow us on social media to hear about upcoming webinars, and check out our YouTube channel for recordings of these workshops and more!

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Workshop October.jpg
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GSEC Program Events

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