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Link:       Forbes
Date:     8/5/2020

"With Cientifico Latino, we want to make sure that every underrepresented student in science has the information and resources they need to prepare for higher education in the sciences and to successfully navigate the graduate school application process," Fernandez said, "The mission is to increase

the pool of underrepresented scientists and professionals by creating a platform where everyone—regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or immigration status—has equal access to fellowship and scholarship opportunities, and the chance to learn from their peers on how to become successful STEM professionals."

Once Undocumented, Now a PhD Candidate at Yale

Link:       At The End Of The Day Podcast
Date:     10/20/2019

At The End Of The Day is "a guide for recent immigrants to the US". In this conversation, co-founder of Científico Latino, Robert Fernandez, shares his journey of once being an undocumented immigrant to now becoming a Ph.D. candidate of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry at Yale University. He highlights the significant role his mentors have played in helping him navigate

 his personal and academic growth. As to our question on how he found his mentors, he smiled and said, “By luck.” He suggests seeking a mentor that has a common goal as you.

Looking for a STEM Menoring Program?

Link:       At The End Of The Day Podcast
Date:     10/20/2019

At The End Of The Day is "a guide for recent immigrants to the US". This episode is a conversation with Olivia Goldman, a neuroscientist and Ph.D. student studying chemosensory perception in mosquitoes at the Vosshall Lab at the Rockefeller University in New York City. Olivia is a co-founder of the Científico Latino Project. Through this project, her team offers

mentorship opportunities to anyone aspiring to be a successful STEM professional. Olivia says their project is specially aimed at providing academic and career focused guidance to the students from minority communities. Their aim is to address disparity and the lack of diversity in the STEM professions in the United States.

Find Student Mentors in STEM

Link:       You CAN do STEM
Date:     8/30/2019

You CAN do STEM is a group of scientists with diverse backgrounds from different universities across the United States with the goal of helping students become aware of their skills and abilities and to use them to seize opportunities that will prepare them to become better applicants for college and/or graduate school.

Caminos en Ciencia

Link:       Caminos en Ciencia
Date:     3/1/2019

En este episodio de Caminos en Ciencia, Robert Fernández nos cuenta su trayectoria desde Perú hasta los Estados Unidos, donde actualmente se encuentra haciendo su doctorado en la Universidad de Yale. Durante la entrevista, Robert comparte los

retos que enfrentó como inmigrante indocumentado y como esto afectó el proceso de solicitar a la universidad para comenzar su bachillerato/licenciatura. Además, nos habló de Científico Latino, una pagina fundada por el y que provee información valiosa para estudiantes subgraduados y graduados, incluyendo todas esas oportunidades que existen y muchas veces no conocemos.

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