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Científico Latino in the Media

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Link:       Cell Perspective
Date:     8/17/2023

Applying to graduate school can be particularly challenging for students from historically minoritized backgrounds due to a hidden curriculum in the graduate 

admissions process. To address this issue, a team of volunteer STEM trainees established the Científico Latino Graduate Student Mentorship Initiative (CL-GSMI) in 2019 to support applicants from historically minoritized backgrounds. CL-GSMI is designed to improve access to critical resources, including information, mentorship, and financial support, and has assisted 443 students in applying and matriculating to graduate school. Using program evaluation data from 2020 to 2021, we highlight areas in graduate school admissions that can be improved to promote equity and inclusion.

Media Coverage:

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Link:       eLife
Date:     3/5/2021

Científico Latino Co-Founder and Executive Co-Directors Dr. Robert Fernandez, Olivia Goldman sand GSMI Director Cathy Amaya were interviewed by the scientific journal eLife on how the application process for PhD programs in the United States disadvantages students from underrepresented groups.


Link:       PhD Balance
Date:     1/23/2021

Científico Latino Co-Founder and Executive Co-Directors Dr. Robert Fernandez and Olivia Goldman spoke with Fay Lin  in a live discussion in PhD Balance's Grad Chat Series about Científico Latino and the topic "Making STEM accessible for underrepresented scientists".

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Link:       Cell Voices (Cell Press)
Date:     10/29/2020

Científico Latino Co-Founder and Executive Co-Director Dr. Robert Fernandez contributed his thoughts on mentoring students from underrepresented backgrounds in STEM alongside other outreach leaders including Mélise Edwards (Founder of M.U.S.E. Mentorship) and Tomi Akingbade (Founder of Black Women in Science Network).


Link:       Cell Mentor (Cell Press & Cell Signaling Technology)
Date:     9/15/2020

Co-Founder and Executive Co-Director of Científico Latino, Dr. Robert Fernandez, was featured on a list of "100 Inspiring Hispanic/Latinx Scientists in America", published by Cell Press.


Link:       Forbes
Date:     8/5/2020

"With Científico Latino, we want to make sure that every underrepresented student in science has the information and resources they need to prepare for higher education in the sciences and to successfully navigate the graduate school

application process," Fernandez said, "The mission is to increase the pool of underrepresented scientists and professionals by creating a platform where everyone—regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or immigration status—has equal access to fellowship and scholarship opportunities, and the chance to learn from their peers on how to become successful STEM professionals."


Looking for a STEM Menoring Program?

Link:       At The End Of The Day Podcast
Date:     10/20/2019

At The End Of The Day is "a guide for recent immigrants to the US". This episode is a conversation with Olivia Goldman, a neuroscientist and Ph.D. student studying chemosensory perception in mosquitoes at the Vosshall Lab at the Rockefeller University in New York City. Olivia is a co-founder of the Científico Latino Project.

Through this project, her team offers mentorship opportunities to anyone aspiring to be a successful STEM professional. Olivia says their project is specially aimed at providing academic and career focused guidance to the students from minority communities. Their aim is to address disparity and the lack of diversity in the STEM professions in the United States.


Find Student Mentors in STEM

Link:       You CAN do STEM
Date:     8/30/2019

You CAN do STEM is a group of scientists with diverse backgrounds from different universities across the United States with the goal of helping students become aware of their skills and abilities and to use them to seize opportunities that will prepare them to become better applicants for college and/or graduate school.


Caminos en Ciencia

Link:       Caminos en Ciencia
Date:     3/1/2019

En este episodio de Caminos en Ciencia, Robert Fernández nos cuenta su trayectoria desde Perú hasta los Estados Unidos, donde actualmente se encuentra haciendo su doctorado en la Universidad de Yale. Durante la entrevista, Robert

comparte los retos que enfrentó como inmigrante indocumentado y como esto afectó el proceso de solicitar a la universidad para comenzar su bachillerato/licenciatura. Además, nos habló de Científico Latino, una pagina fundada por el y que provee información valiosa para estudiantes subgraduados y graduados, incluyendo todas esas oportunidades que existen y muchas veces no conocemos.

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