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Diversity Preview Weekends

Welcome to our database of diversity preview weekends!

Preview weekends are energizing 2-3 day visits analogous to “college open houses” — but for graduate school. They provide college students  insight into graduate student life by partaking in various activities on campuses of universities they are interested in applying to! Scroll through our database or browse through the pages to begin your search for the right fit.



  • Check the program's website to be sure of any dates or deadlines. Deadlines are approximate and in MM/DD format. They are usually around the same time each year. If a webpage appears non-functional, it could mean that the program's website URL has changed - if you are interested in a specific program, try googling it to see if there is a more current website.

  • We welcome new submissions! To submit an entry to this database, please click here.

Please be patient if table takes time to load!

Is there a change we should be aware of? Please contact us and let us know!

Our databases are maintained as a volunteer effort by our team.

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