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Consulting Mentorship Program

All academic scientists should be aware of job opportunities outside of academia and be able to access information about the pipeline to securing the best job opportunities that they can in alternative sectors.  For this reason, Científico Latino is piloting a practical program to help STEM students, particularly for those from underrepresented backgrounds, pursue jobs in consulting.

This is following our experience running a mentorship program for STEM graduate school applicants (GSMI) and a community-based program for first-year graduate students (GSEC).

To sign up to attend our informational sessions, please fill out this survey by October 13, 2022.

How to participate

What is this program and what is the purpose? 

Científico Latino is piloting a program to help students pursue jobs in consulting

What can you expect?

In Phase 1, we will provide background on what is consulting and what kind of preparation is required to get a job in consulting.

In Phase 2, we will work with a small group of students and provide hands-on support with resumes, cover letters, and interview preparation. Students will prepare in small teams with each other and will be coached bi-weekly by professional consultants. 

Who is a good fit?
  • Phase 1 (October 2022 → November 2022)

All PhD students who are considering jobs in consulting or biotech

  • Phase 2 (December 2022 → June 2023)

5th/6th PhD students who are planning to interview for consulting jobs in early or middle of 2023 and aim to start working in late 2023 or 2024.

How do you attend / apply?
  • Phase 1: Fill out the survey before Oct. 13th, we will send out a zoom link for the information sessions via email

  • Phase 2: After phase 1, we will immediately send out an additional survey. ~10 students will be selected and notified in early December 2022. Selection criteria are described above. 

How to be a Mentor

Who is a good fit to be a mentor?

You recently received an offer from a consulting firm, are currently a consultant, or were previously a consultant and have an interest in helping other students join the industry.

What is the commitment level?

We have 3 options for commitments, with flexibility to match your needs. In any case, Científico Latino will handle all of the administrative work so you can just show-up and share your expertise.

No-commitment: Learn more about the program. Join and watch the webinars in Phase 1.

Low commitment: Run mock interviews or cover letter / resume support in Phase 2, starting Jan 2023.

High commitment: Be a coach to a group of 2-4 students during the interview season in Phase 2. Meet with students 1-2 times / month for 1-hour sessions from Jan 2023-July 2023. 

*Commitment levels will be requested in Jan 2023 at the start of Phase 2, do not need to decide until then. 

Who will you be working with?

The program is organized and run by Nandan Pandit, a life sciences consultant. You will be working closely with him and any additional coaches that join the program.

How can you learn more about the program and apply?

Fill out this short (no commitment) survey to observe webinars Phase 1. After completing the survey, we will send you links to join the webinars in Phase 1. 

*If you are interested in supporting phase 2, we will set-up a short interview session and can discuss your level of commitment and potential role in the program.


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