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Support the efforts of Científico Latino by donating today!

Our Mission

The Científico Latino Project comes from a drive to increase the pool of underrepresented scientists and professionals by creating a platform where everyone—regardless of ethnicity, gender,  sexual orientation, disability or immigration status—has equal access to fellowship and scholarship opportunities, and the chance to learn from their peers to becoming successful STEM professionals.


Where your donation goes

Your donation will help our work in supporting aspiring STEM professionals from underrepresented communities, as well as the graduate students and recent graduates who volunteer to run this organization, all while working full-time as academics. 

Cientifico Latino believes in the transparency of your donations and these are the ways that your donation can help us: 

1. Maintenance of website

Donations will cover the maintenance of our Cientifico Latino website.

2. GSMI (mentorship program for graduate school applicants)

Our volunteer-run mentorship program uses website, emailing, and video conference monthly subscriptions to make sure our program runs effectively. In 2024, we hope to use your donations to pay our STEM professionals speakers who volunteer their time to give webinars on different topics on applying to graduate programs in the sciences.

3. Spreading awareness

Over the past several years, Científico Latino has generated a large amount of resources to support aspiring STEM professionals. In order for our resources to find their audience, we promote our GSMI mentorship program through paid promotions in STEM organizations. To provide professional development workshops at institutions, our team volunteers to speak to underrepresented communities on navigating a career in the sciences. This donation will also help us cover registration and travel fees so our Cientifico Latino team members can present at conferences targeting underrepresented communities.

4. Nonprofit costs

Currently Científico Latino is an LLC working towards becoming a non-profit. Donations will assist Científico Latino to receive the financial independence to file as a non-profit in the state of New York, which will cover paperwork processing and start-up fees.

We are grateful for any amount of donation that you can extend to us!

At this moment, all donations to Científico Latino are not tax-deductible.

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